About Us

Broadcast India is a platform where we provide social services.


Broadcast India is a platform where we provide social services improve the quality of life and enhance wellbeing of individuals by provoding them social awekning and services that was deprived from them. We provide Healthcare, Education, Job listings quick facilities to contact a doctor find ambulance helpline numbers book hospital appointments. If you are tired of hearing busy or engaged tone at doctor's clinic then we will find a solution for you.

BroadcastIndia is an non-profitable organization which solely works in the vested ineterest of the people and does not seek any personal gain. Our work is very renowned and we are well known for our work in various places. We are also an NGO and we are sworn to look after the people of our country.


Doctors Registered with us are highly experienced and skilled.


We want people to get educated. As a small initiative from our side we started providing online help.


Our reporting service works all the time. Its totally online and you can access it from anywhere.

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